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December 2016

Seasons Greetings!  On behalf of the NAPMW Anchorage Association Board of Directors, we would like to extend a wish of a most joyous holiday season to you. As the weather turns colder, our hearts remain warm as we look forward to winter's activities. 

Thank you to all of the sponsors and those attending our Annual Fundraiser in November. Your generosity and support allowed us to raise some additional funds to go toward training and development, which allows us to meet the organizational mission in support of our membership.

We have a number of really informative training sessions coming up. As the "tip of the sword" in the mortgage industry, it is important to have the information and develop skills in order to stay "sharp" in a highly competitive industry. Several trainings are coming up to build your skills in leadership, increase your knowledge about the housing market and to be more aware of compliance requirements. Take a look at our events page to find out dates and times.

The executive board has been working hard for the last two years to bring to the membership, quality information in the area of training and development. I believe we have created quite the momentum of informative topics that address the mind, body and spirit of a mortgage professional. Elections for new board members will soon be upon us. Unfortunately, term limits require executive board to step aside and take more supportive role in board. Some will step into Director roles to support the executive board, while others will remain active members. Please consider using your time and talents on the board. Not only is it a fabulous networking opportunity with all of our industry partners, but also a gratifying experience.


Maria Celli


NAPMW Anchorage Association

September 2017


There is a chill in the air and the leaves are beginning to turn. The children are beginning a new school year as the NAPMW Anchorage membership year gets into full swing. Our board has completed its planning for the year.  We have many new speakers...and some familiar favorites slated for this year's luncheons. We want to bring learning and development opportunities to our members to impact the head, heart, and spirit.  There will be speakers to help you increase your job skills, others will provide more information about healthy living for a better you, and yet others will motivate and inspire you to achieve your goals.

The last year has seen many changes in the industry and within NAPMW.  TRID implementation, the suspending of the NAPMW regions, one-member one-vote, and the rewriting of the national bylaws to address many of the changes.  While we try to cover all of the bases change impacts, it is challenging to capture all aspects.  Therefore as we move forward on a National level, there will be decisions we must make. Several items will be coming up for a vote in the near future. I encourage all members to ask questions of the national and local boards to make an informed decision and take an active role in our organization.

As we prepare for the 2016-2017 membership year, let us work together to ensure success for all.


Maria Celli


NAPMW Anchorage Association

April 2016


Finding joy.   


As an adult educator for the last 20 years, I think I have the best occupation in the world!  I get to see people blossom in their knowledge and grow in confidence as they achieve their goals.  Specifically, as a homebuyer educator, it is especially rewarding to see the cerebral light bulbs go off of potential homebuyers as they become more savvy about the home purchase process.  That same drive for professional development in the midst of perpetual change in the mortgage industry is what attracted me to be an NAPMW member, and subsequently president of the NAPMW Anchorage Association. 


At one of this year’s general membership meeting people were polled about the importance of NAPMW membership.  Great speakers/training and networking opportunities were the most quoted.  Other top responses included tools and resources, information about the changing industry, collaboration, professional designations and conferences.  It is our members that make this possible. 


As I look back over the 2015-2016 membership year, I am very proud of the Anchorage association’s accomplishments. 


  • Celebrated the 40th Anniversary for NAPMW Anchorage
  • Three Anchorage members earned the CMI designations at the May 2015 National Conference
  • Launched a new website:
  • One of the best attended monthly lunch-and-learns in the lending industry within the state – boasting some of the best industry speakers
  • Recommenced the annual fundraiser and networking dinner
  • Partnered with AMBA to sponsor an NMLS 8-hour CE training, conducted by the Knowledge Coop
  • Stewardship donations of “Love and Security Blankets” with McKinnell House of the Salvation Army. A family homeless shelter that helps to find permanent housing.


This month we will be holding board elections at the April general membership meeting.  I was pleased to see many of the board members volunteer to return for re-election.  Your commitment is second to none and much appreciated.  Those who have served the board well and have decided to allow other to have the opportunity to serve – I thank you for your service.  We also have members that have stepped up to volunteer for those empty spots.  Wow!  It is so impressive to see people eager to engage in the success of the organization and its members.


Giving back and seeing others flourish, is one of the greatest rewards I can think of!  That’s my joy.  Have you found yours?


Maria Celli


NAPMW Anchorage

February 2016


Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays are past, spring will soon be upon us. 

The new year is off to a fantastic start with the Ken Perry, 8-hr CE training completed on February 3. It was a great turn-out with many lenders throughout the state attending the class.  NAPMW is ramping up for a number events and activities that soon will be underway. 


2016-2017 NAPMW Anchorage Board Elections 

Elections for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 3 Director positions are underway.  We will present the slate of officers at the March 8, 2016 General Membership meeting. We look forward to seeing you there.

Board members must NAPMW members in good standing.

Average monthly time commitment is 3-4 hours.

Send your nomination(s) to Darcy Steger:  [email protected]


Quarterly Compliance Webinars (Members ONLY)

NAPMW has teamed with the prestigious law firm Offit Kurman P.A. to create a new quarterly webinar series focuses on mortgage compliance issues. 

It debuted on February 3.  The next webinar will Wednesday, May 4, 2016, at 8:00 AM Alaska Time (1:00 PM EST).  To register, click here.  If there are topics, you would like addressed, please contact: [email protected]


National Awards – Recognize members and past members in Anchorage

The Anchorage Association has been around for over 40 years.  There are many deserving members we can nominate.  Categories include: 

Excellence in Communication Award

Leadership Award

Rising Star Award

Spirit Award

Innovator of the Year Award

Lifetime Achievement Award


For more information about the categories and to nominate, go to:

Nominations must be submitted by February 29, 2016.


LEAP Program – restarting this July (Members and Leadership)

The LEAP program will focus on understanding the difference between leadership and management. The emphasis is for personal and professional development which is in line the association’s vision. This program is created to prepare NAPMW members for serving on local boards and holding a position on the national board as well as using the techniques in your day-to-day life.


2016 NAPMW National Conference and Meeting

April 18-20, 2016

Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

The early bird rates last until February 29, 2016

Sign-up today!


We have many exciting events to elevate your professional development and personal growth, and look forward to seeing you!



Maria Celli


NAPMW Anchorage

October 2015

Expect Anchorage’s Skyline to Get Higher

This month NAPMW Anchorage hosted the Mayor Ethan Berkowitz at its monthly luncheon, along with the Muni’s Director of Economic Development, Chris Schutte. Berkowitz laid out three basic areas of focus. All with ties to the Anchorage mortgage industry.

The first and largest priority is to increase public safety. For obvious reason, but with its “Work. Live. Play.” initiative, the well-being of its residents is a key component. Anchorage has all of the safety impacts of any metropolitan community. Current police staffing levels are 25 percent less than appropriate with 340 officers on patrol. The intention is to bump that number up to 400 police officers. Subsequently, Berkowitz supports the police department holding three police academies in 2016.

Second is the resurgence of the SAP municipal technology project based on the recommendations of an external advisory committee. Its current system uses the antiquated COBAL business language system to work with payroll and other government functions. SAP is expected to streamline internal automation and improve efficiencies.

Third is to improve development in Anchorage. Under its umbrella of available, safe, and affordable housing. The term “density” was used throughout the presentation. Expect future housing development to be more vertical. A smaller footprint and increased housing development helps where buildable land is limited, plus generates municipal revenues.

That same evening, the Anchorage Assembly amended land use regulations allowing for taller apartment buildings up to 70 feet and encouraging redevelopment. On its face, this is very encouraging to developers and architects. Yet, Schutte cautioned about anticipated tweaking in the upcoming year. For example, the ordinance change allows for denser developments next to single family homes. Consideration to accommodate the single family homeowner may be needed, as expressed by former Planning and Zoning commissioner, John Weddleton during the assembly meeting.

The board would like to thank Mayor Berkowitz for sharing the current challenges and opportunities Anchorage holds within the coming year. We would also like to thank Yukon Title providing the door prize at the luncheon.

There are many changes anticipated for Anchorage on the horizon. NAPMW Anchorage continues to keep a watchful eye on its progress on behalf of its members.


Maria Celli

September 2015

It’s a good time to live in Anchorage!

In the midst of declining oil prices, there is still a lot of encouraging economic data to be optimistic. According to the Department of Labor, Anchorage’s unemployment rate is 4.8% for the month of July. It’s the first time this rate has dipped below 5% since 2007. In the most recent survey conducted by the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation (AEDC), while consumer confidence has dripped, it still remains in the “relatively confident” realm. Additionally, researchers are anticipating the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend to be over $2,000! This will be a boost to the economy this October.

On the home purchase front, mortgage interest rates continue to be low. Additionally, Anchorage’s mortgage volume for single family residents makes up approximately 52% of the State.

As the foliage turns to all the brilliant shades of fall and there is a bit of the chill in the Anchorage air, our thoughts turn to making changes for the coming seasons. These changes can range from preparing for regulatory changes to saving on energy efficiency to reduce heating costs. Our speaker, Jimmy Ord, is an expert in his field on energy programs and loan options which impact the housing market. These programs help homebuyers save money on their long-term investment. It is a pleasure to welcome him to our meeting.

Speaking of preparation! McKinnell House was selected as this year’s charity. More information to come.


Maria Celli

August 2015

Welcome to the first NAPMW Anchorage General Membership Meeting and Luncheon for the 2015-2016 year! 

While much of our membership is comprised of women, many members well know both men and women from all aspects of the mortgage and real estate industry make up our organization. Over the years, NAPMW has been instrumental providing business, personal and leadership development to professionals within the mortgage industry. As 2015 marks 40 years NAPMW Anchorage has served its members, I am excited about the upcoming year.

The landscape of the mortgage industry is ever-changing with some monumental changes expected soon. NAPMW is proud to be the premier provider of mortgage education on a local and national level. The Anchorage Board is working hard to continue to bring you relevant education and information – in work and in life. If you have any questions, would like to volunteer, or make suggestions for improvement, please see me or one of our board members.

We are planning several training events in the upcoming year. Many of the educational opportunities offered would not be possible without the support of sponsors and member contributions in the form of talents and treasures. Thank you Vivien LaFevers for sponsoring today’s door prize. And, thank you to Tonja Woelber for sharing your knowledge

and expertise of estate planning.

We look forward to an eventful year!


Maria Celli, CMI

President, NAPMW Anchorage